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3 of the Best Tips for Blowing Phat Clouds

One of the best things about vaping is how much fun it can be And the things that most people find the most fun is blowing huge plumes of vapour. You can have so much fun when you can blow big clouds. Just look at all the YouTube videos of people doing tricks with their clouds and you'll start to understand just how popular and fun cloud chasing can be. 


The problem is that many people don't quite understand what it takes to blow those fat clouds.  We get people in the E Liquid Store London asking about the best device to create clouds, but it isn't that simple. Getting your clouds to be thick and big is more than just your choice of device (although that is very important too).  


In this article, I am going to give you some fantastic tips that will help you to blow big clouds. If you want to get in with the big boys with the clouds chasing competitions, then you have to do the following things.


Buy the Right Device


So people are right, you do need a good device if you want to blow fat clouds. The best type of device to enable you to do this is a sub-ohm device.   Alternatively, go for a vaporizer such as the PAX 3. 


Whichever one you choose, the trick is to choose one that can heat a lot of liquid at the same time. The more liquid that you can heat, the more vapour you can produce. The more vapour you can produce, the bigger the clouds will be. 


Buy the right juice


The next thing you have to do is make sure that you buy the right juice. The best juices are the ones that have high vegetable glycerine content, such as Bad Drip E Liquid. If you're taking part in one of the cloud chasing competition, then you probably want to choose a 100% VG juice just for the competition itself. Typically, when your cloud chasing for fun, you want some flavour and nicotine in the juice as well as a little pinch of propylene glycol. 


Buy a direct to lung kit


As the name implies, a direct to lung kit allows you to take deep breaths straight into your lungs. This enables you to blow much bigger clouds than the standard devices do, which are mouth to lung kits.  The only concern here's that there could be potential problems with your help further down the line. Nobody has used direct to lung kits long enough to know if there are any long-term consequences. For this reason, I would recommend that you limit your use of direct to lung kits and only use them when chasing Clouds.


Follow the advice outlined above and you will be on your way to making masterful clouds.


Electronic cigarettes were available by the end of the last century. They looked very much like ordinary cigarettes.


It wasn't until a few years later that vape pipes appeared and these allowed the use of e-juices. Funnily enough, although the vape application looked nothing like a cigarette with it's bulky looking tank, we're coming full circle now with some of the latest models back to being slim.


The main difference of course is that cigarettes simply consist of dried and treated tobacco leaf. And with a vape, there is no tobacco at all, and certainly no smoke.


Those cloud puffs you will see coming from someone vaping is water vapour impregnated with whatever flavour you desire'


For someone that partakes of neither habit, it's clearly that as a passive participant, it's so much better to get away from stale tobacco.


Stale tobacco ingrains itself into all clothes and soft furnishings. It's particularly annoying to buy a second-hand car and quickly discovering the previous owner clearly used to smoke in it.


An old car salesman once told me that he would have to offer a discount on smoker's cars he might be trying to sell. Doubtless today, there are some chemicals that can hide the problem now.


Vaping doesn't envelope soft material in the same way. And lets face it, if a heavy tobacco user washes their tobacco clothing, there will doubtless still be a distant stale aroma.


One of the few new shops opening on the high streets of Britain are, like my local electronic cigarette shop London.


These shops have sprung up throughout the UK and there are now an estimated two thousand of them. It seems that this has fully met the present demand so not so many extra ones are still opening.


But they have been an extraordinary business model that bucks the trend of other types of retail outlets that continue to close with alarming regularity.




Hardly a week goes by when there isn't a story involving vaping. Today's is a press release in which it is postulated that there is a strong movement to have a total ban on this habit in the USA.


This seems extraordinary and unlikely, considering the US is the biggest market for vape by a long chalk. The next two biggest markets are the UK and Japan. 


The reason given is that too many youngsters are taking it up when the market was only meant to have been targeted at existing heavy smokers to tempt them off the weed.


In recent years it has become obvious that nicotine cannot be blamed as the only culprit when it comes to throat and lung cancer, as well as blood pressure and other cardiovascular chronic problems.


It has been discovered that there are around a thousand different trace elements in tobacco leaf with between sixty and one hundred being carcinogenic.


Vape juice is much less complicated and as something manufactured under strict guidelines, is far less contaminated.


My local e cig shop London is just one of two and a half thousand around the country. This is phenomenal when considering the rapid and continuing closure of so many other retail outlets.


Although the online market is strong, the majority of those that vape like to visit their local vape store. This could be to mix with like minded people but may also be a way of keeping abreast of the latest trends.


And changes are happening all the time in such a relatively new culture. Vaping has only been around for about fifteen years. There were e-cigs before, but not the modern vape method that involves a reservoir of liquid.


The devices have had many modifications in very recent years and it seems if you blink, there are another dozen flavours newly arrived.


If vaping is not to be put into jeopardy, like it may be in the United States, it's important that youngsters don't catch on. In fact, if it's really meant to wean heavy smokers away from tobacco, the legal age limit for buying vape products, should perhaps, increase from eighteen to twenty-one.


For an E cig shop London https://www.restrictedliquid.co.uk/

The Advantages of Visiting a Bricks and Mortar (B&M) Vape Shop

Are you a vaper? Do you buy all of your vape equipment and juices online? If so, this article is for you. Today, I am going to explore the advantages of visiting a B&M vape shop In comparison to buying your vape paraphernalia online.


Yes, buying online is often more convenient than buying in the shops, and you can find some fantastic bargains, But there are definitely things that you are missing out on if you never visit the B&M vape shops.


I am not advocating that you only ever used B&M vape shops. My point is to teach you the value of visiting B&M vape shops every once in a while.


B&M vape shops offer a wealth of information


You can read as many forums as you want, watch as many videos as you can manage, and buy however many magazine subscriptions you want, but learning about vape is much easier in a face-to-face environment, which is what you get at a B&M vape shop.


The decent vape shops can teach you all about vaping. They can troubleshoot any problems that you’re having and find solutions to these issues. They’ll be able to inform you about so many different things, from which juices the likely to suit your taste to how to buy coils for your sub-ohm device.


The best vape shop London that I ever visited runs regular training sessions on a Saturday morning. They cover all manner of different topics. I’ve gone along to the tutorials more than a handful of times. I am sure that whatever town or city you live in in the UK, there is at least one B&M vape shop near you that offers the same sort of training. It can really help to make your habit better.


B&M vape shops let you try before you buy


This is something that the Internet can never offer, or at least it can’t until we invent a way to send solid objects through the ether. No, if you want to try juices before you actually buy them, then you will have to visit a bricks and mortar shop because the internet just simply doesn’t allow you that privilege.


The B&M shops often have taste bars, and again, the best vape shop London I ever visited had a taste bar and allowed its customers to try out different types of devices.


It really is a fantastic way to find out exactly what your preferences are when it comes to vape.


B&M vape shops let you socialise with fellow vapers


Vaping, like smoking, is quite a social event. We all get pushed outside to the vaping area and it’s actually quite the bonding exercise. This also extends to the B&M shops. If you spend time there at the tutorials all the taste cars, you’ll get to know your local papers and hopefully make a few friends.


I hope that you have found this article informative and that you now have a good idea about the reasons why it makes sense to visit a B&M vape shop. It can really make a lot of difference to your vaping.



5 Reasons Why You Should Visit the Larger Vape Shops At Least Once

If you are a vapour, you are probably well aware of the benefits of visiting your local vape shop. The internet is a great place to buy but you just can't match a real life, bricks and mortar, shop when it comes to buying your Vape equipment and paraphernalia.



However, just eat if you visit your local shop, it does not mean that you are getting the most out of your habit. To get the most out of your habit, you'll need to visit one of the larger shops, such as a vape shop Ealing, London. There are many advantages to doing this and I am going to look at them each in turn. This will help you to realise the importance of visiting and vape shop if you want to get the most out of your habit.




Reason 1: expertise


You are probably already well aware that London attracts the cleverest lines in the country, and even the world. The intelligent people tend to move to the larger cities and the most intelligent move to the largest city, which in the UK is London. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that the people that work in the London vape shops tend to have a lot of knowledge about Vape.

If you have ever had a question about vape that you cannot answer and that you cannot find the answer to online, then head down to one of the largest vape shops in the country and see what they say.

The chances are that they understand exactly what the problem is and exactly how to solve it if expertise is something that's lacking in your vape have it, and a trip to London is Essential.



Reason 2: Choice


It should come as no surprise to learn that the largest shops will have the most Stop. Obviously the bigger the shop, the more space they have and the more opportunity they have to stop products. Plus, the manufacturers will be seeking the shops out because they know that they get a lot of footfall.



If you're getting bored with your existing have it and you're looking to  improve it and make it less boring and more interesting, then be larger vape shops will surely have something that will help you to pep up your habit.



Reason 3: Workshops


In my experience, the larger vape shops tend to go beyond for their customers one way in which they do this is to offer their customers workshops. Is workshops can cover any number of topics, from how to get the nicotine levels right in your vape production to how to craft your own vape juices.



If there's something that you want to learn about vape then you should definitely check out some of the largest vape shops, such as the vape shop Ealing and see if they have, any masterclass is running now. The chances are that they have some sort of course coming up that you can participate in. Learning in a classroom type environment is better for you because it is easier to learn.  You can ask any questions and have they answered face-to-face which is clearly easier to understand.



You should definitely consider visiting the vape shops if he wants to learn more about vaping.

Sub Ohm Vaping Guide & Tips - What, Why and How

Are you the type of vaper who loves to get a deep flavour? Do you love to blow the fattest clouds around? If you answered yes to these questions, then this article is for you because we are going to talk about sub ohm vaping, which is the key to achieving deep flavour profiles with fat, fat, clouds.


What Is Sub Ohm Vaping?

Sub ohm vaping popularised in the last five years. People realised that the lower the resistance in the coils of their vape devices, the more intense the flavour of the juice and thicker the vapour clouds.


Originally, we vaped with coils at around 1 ohm (and many people still do), but that’s far too high for people who are serious about clouds and flavour.  The sub ohm coils allowed us to ramp up the wattage, and when we ramp up the wattage (i.e. the power), the clouds are intense.


Why Sub Ohm Vape?

There are two reasons to use sub ohm vaping:


  1. To create humungous clouds: you can buy the best e-liquids, such as the Dr Fog E liquid 100% VG range, but if you don’t have the right device to back it up, you'll get decent clouds, but nothing like the clouds you could get if you use a sub ohm device to vape them.


  1. To create a great flavour profile: the greater the concentration of juice in your clouds, the more you'll taste the juice. Because sub ohm vaping allows you to heat up so much juice at once, the vapour naturally has a much deeper flavour profile than if you were to vape it through a positive ohm device.


If you're a flavour chaser or a cloud chaser, then you really have no option but to sub ohm vape. Believe me; you will thank me for making the switch if you take my advice. It’s the number one thing that I did to improve my vape experience.


OK, So How Do You Sub Ohm Vape?

Well, the first thing you are going to need to do is buy a sub ohm device. If you're new to electronics, and you don’t really want to go to the hassle of learning, you can now buy ready-to-go sub ohm devices. Just visit your local vape shop and ask them to point you in the right direction.


If you want to tailor the device specifically to your needs, so that you can get the biggest fog from that Dr Fog e liquid, then you might want to look into creating your own device using rebuildable dripping atomisers or rebuildable tank atomisers.



These are relatively complex devices; so again, it’s well worth visiting your local vape shop for further help and advice. YouTube is also a good source of information as long as you find the right channels. Look for popular channels and read the comments before you take anyone’s advice, but you should be able to find some great information on there.


Are you interested in buying sub ohm device or in buying a new vape juice? If you are, please visit https://www.restrictedliquid.co.uk/e-liquid/dr-fog-s-famous-ice-cream.html.

How Can You Power Up Your Vape Habit?

Are you starting to get bored with vaping? Or, maybe you're looking around at some of the hard-core vapers and you’re jealous about how much more they seem to be enjoying their habit that you are. If either of these sound familiar, then it’s probably time you did something to sup up your habit.


If you haven’t yet heard of dripping, mouth to lung, or cloud chasing, then this article will offer you plenty of help and advice to get your habit from zero to hero. Here are our top-2 suggestions for making the most out of your vape habit:



Suggestion 1: Cloud Chasing

When I make a phat cloud, I always think of Samson and his lustrous hair. He must have felt the same pride in his mane that I feel in my vapour.


Cloud chasing is one of those things that you need to tweak your vape set up if you want to get the very best out of it.


Here’s how you can build the fattest clouds around:


  1. Get a powerful device, such as an RDA or RTA – building your vape device yourself lets you increase the power to whatever setting you want, and ramping it right up is the way to get the best clouds.


  1. Get the right coils. You need big coils if you want to make big clouds, and they need to fit in your device and not be over or underpowered by your battery.


  1. Get thick wick. As long as you have a powerful device, battery, and coil, you can have a fat wick. You need a fat quick so that it can absorb as much vape liquid as possible: the more liquid you can heat at once, the more vapour they’ll be.


Seriously, we have seen some massive clouds at the electronic cigarette shop London, and by far the most important factor was the size of the wick (although, as I said, you do need to make sure the set up can cope. It’s no good having a fat wick with a small coil or an underpowered device.


  1. Get a mouth to lung vape kit. This special piece of equipment will let you draw far more vapour into your lungs than you can do with a typical vape device. It’s great if you want to get involved with the cloud chasing competition. Be careful though, because it can take its toll on your lungs if you do it too much – I tend to use mine during completions only.





This is something completely separate to cloud chasing, and has everything to do with experiencing the best your flavour has to offer. This is the difference between drinking your 18-year old Talisker in a plastic glass and the same drink out of a crystal glass – the latter is head and shoulders ahead in terms of taste.


A drip device allows you to concentrate the flavour of each hit of vape you take back. It cuts out the “middleman”, which is most of the typical vape device. Instead of the vapour travelling through the device, it goes straight into your mouth once warmed up. This means that you don’t lose any of the flavour as it dilutes and mixes with the air.


Are you interested in buying any of the equipment discussed here? If you are, check out https://www.restrictedliquid.co.uk/ http://www.restrictedliquid.co.uk/vape-kits/mouth-to-lung-kits.html.


When a smoker wants to quit but is too addicted to the nicotine to do so, then the alternative may be to take to vaping.


Vape juice can contain the same amount of nicotine as the smokers’ favourite strength and brand of cigarette. But the advantage of vaping is that there are none of the many impurities found in smoke.


It’s also easier on the pocket and with prices rising with every budget, it’s little surprise that three million adults in the UK alone, have switched.


A smoker looking at changing to vaping may be a little confused by all the different pieces of equipment. For this reason, a visit to a local vape store is recommended for help and advice.


After choosing the right vape equipment and having all the workings explained, the next stage is to choose a vape juice flavour. In some ways this can be the hardest part as there are thousands of them.


Fortunately, most vape shops will stock just one or two hundred of the biggest sellers as well as a few new ones for adventurous vapers to try. The simple vape co has a useful collection.



By playing around with the proportions of ingredients and with the right mod, vaping can produce large clouds. Some people enjoy large clouds, others aren’t so bothered. But exploring this aspect means a new vaper will begin to learn the various ingredients and their purposes.


Vaping is not without its critics. The argument against includes the fact that it has not been around long enough to appreciate any long-term health issues. The argument for, includes the fact that we do understand that smoke is the greatest single cause of cancer.


Smoke contains hundreds of unwanted chemicals that include some known carcinogenic ones. In an ideal world, perhaps a total ban on nicotine is the only answer.  


A smoker that truly wants to give up, should not necessarily go over to vaping. If possible, they should just do the cold turkey and only vape if they cannot stop their craving for nicotine.


For simple vape co https://www.restrictedliquid.co.uk/e-liquid/simple-vape-co.html


As smoking declines in fashion, with just twenty percent of adult UK citizens still dependent on them, vaping as an alternative grows.


There are an estimated three million vapers in the UK and although figures from around the world are difficult to obtain, the fact that it is a three-billion-dollar industry in the USA gives some clue.


That’s even more surprising when you learn that many US States have banned vaping. Several other countries have also banned it, and this means it’s important to check before travelling abroad if you like to vape.


A look at lists of different e juices available online, reveals a staggering number of them. It’s estimated that there are around ten thousand. Most are replicated but produced by different companies.


Because of this volume, some weird names are given. My neighbour vapes something called schlurp e liquid that he buys from his local e cig shop London.



Your local vape store will stock just a fraction of those thousands but there will still be enough to find a favourite.


Most e juices are a mix of VG, PG, nicotine and flavouring agent. These can be in any desired proportion and some prefer no PG and even no nicotine.


PG stands for propylene glycol and VG is vegetable glycerine. It’s very important to get the right proportion of these two ingredients, especially for someone just starting out on vaping. Too much PG can give a sore throat and a sense of dehydration.


This is another good reason to visit a vape shop as a starter instead of just buying online without having a good knowledge about these ingredients.   


Before taking up vaping, the strength of your tobacco should also be noted. This figure can be found on all cigarette packets and then the vape juice you choose, can have the same strength.  In this respect, smoking and vaping share the same purpose of delivering nicotine to suit individuals’ taste.


For Shlurp e liquid and e cig shop London https://www.restrictedliquid.co.uk/e-liquid/shlurp.html https://www.restrictedliquid.co.uk/

Top Tips To Help You Find The Best Vape Flavours For Your Tastes

With so many vape flavours on the market, it can be surprising to learn how difficult it is to find a juice that you like.  The vape industry suffers a little bit from "too many cooks spoil the brew". There are just so many flavours to choose from that it's very difficult to establish which ones you're going to like beforehand. Clearly, this can lead to expensive mistakes.


Fortunately, by following our top tips, you'll be able to understand exactly how you can find the right flavours for your tastes.


Tip 1:  Understand that vape juices are made using food flavourings.

Once you realise that vape manufacturers make their juices using the same flavourings that we find in food, you'll realise how easy it is to find flavours that you like. Just think about the types of food that you enjoy, and go for liquids in those flavours.


No, it isn't any old food that you need to look for-You won't be able to find mash potato and gravy flavoured e juices (at least I don't think you will). The flavourings that they use in a juicer are those that the food manufacturers use when making confectionery. Think about your favourite chewy sweets and choose flavours that match those.


Tip 2:  If you find that your flavours are too weak, buy Premium juices instead.

If you're finding that your juices taste too diluted and that they aren't strong enough, it's usually because you bought a standard juice, rather than a premium juice, such as those in the Simple Vape Co range.  The standard juices use much less concentrated flavouring than the premium juices use. This can seriously affect the depth and strength of the flavour.


Another problem with weak juices could be your device. If you don't have a powerful device, it might not be able to heat as much vapour in a single hit as is required for a decent flavour. You need to have large coils and a lot of power if you want to get a very strong flavour from your juice.  Be careful not to use small coils in a powerful device. If you do that, you can end up burning the coils out very quickly and this will lead to your juices having an accurate/burnt flavour profile.



Tip 3:  If your juices are too sweet, try a lower vegetable glycerine juice.

Because vegetable glycerine is the main ingredient in vape juice, and because it is sweet, you will never get away from a sweet flavour e-juice. They're all sweet to some degree.  However, you can reduce the sweetness by choosing higher propylene glycol juices that contain less than 80% vegetable glycerine. This can make quite a lot of difference to the sweetness of your juices.


You can also try diluting your juices with propylene glycol. For example if you buy a Simple Vape Co juice and it has a vegetable glycerine concentration of 90%, you can add your own propylene glycol to the mix to dilute that sweetness a little bit.

3 reasons why you should buy your vape equipment and juices from a UK based manufacturer

If you're reading this article, then we are assuming that you are in the UK.  The UK is the best place to buy vape equipment and juices if you live in the UK, or if you live in a country where there are no legislations or restrictions on the sale of e juice and e-devices. 


Some people complain about living in the UK, saying that we are moving too far away from freedom and that there is too much red tape and legislation. This is true in many areas, but when it comes to things that we ingest, such as e juices, having these protections is probably a good thing.


We are going to explore the 3 reasons why we believe that UK based vape shops, such as the vape shop London,  are the best places to buy vape juices and vape equipment.


Reason 1:  We are regulated by the tobacco product directive (TPD)

The tobacco product directive was brought in to legislate, in part, the e-liquid industry, including all liquids and devices.  It has put several things in place that help to secure our safety as vapers.  Here are some of the ways that this legislation helps to keep us safe:


  1. All manufacturers must use at least food grade ingredients in their juices.  This means that they are safe for human consumption. If you buy juices from other countries, you might not be afforded this level of security. In the UK, you can ask manufacturers for proof their juices are safe by asking for certificates.


  1. There are restrictions on the amount of nicotine allowed in a juice. In high quantities, nicotine can be dangerous and can affect the heart. Even at low doses, it can affect some people's levels of anxiety. In the UK, we are not allowed to manufacture e juices with a greater proportion of nicotine of 20 mg per 1 ml of juice.


These are just two of the ways that we are kept Safe by the recent legislation. Yes, it does bring in some annoying elements, such as smaller tanks, but overall it is concerned with our safety. 


Therefore, safety is a huge reason for buying from UK-based shops.


Reason 2:  It helps to boost our economy

It's common for people to buy products from cheaper countries, such as China and India. What's this might be good in the short term, in the long term it will affect productivity in the UK, and consequently we will have less rich as a nation.  In buying from your local bike shop, such as an e liquid London shop, you help to boost the local and national economy and contribute to our GDP.




Reason 3:  It's more convenient

Shipping products from abroad takes a long time and it is more expensive because you have to pay high postage costs.  You can reduce costs and receive your gift much faster if you choose to shop with a UK based vape shop.


We hope that you now have a good idea of reasons why you should be buying from a UK shop.

How to Choose a Mod Device for Your Vape Habit

Your mod device is the most important Factor in your vape habit. If you don't get the mod right, it will affect how you experience your vape, and you might not be experiencing it to the full capacity of which you would enjoy it.


Today, we are games talking through some of the different types of mod available on the market. The type of Mob that is right for you will vary depending on your preferences, so this isn't an article about the best mod on the market. It's simply an article that will act as a guide to help you understand which mod, or which type of mod, is more likely to suit your own personal preferences.



Mouth to lung mods 

A mouth to lung mod will help you to create much more vapour than a standard mod. It cuts out part of the middle of the device, so that no vapour is lost in transit, so to speak.


With a non-mouth to lung mod, the vapour will dissipate through the tank and through the device to some degree.  This is normal and unpreventable. There might be some slight losses with a mouth to lung mod, but it will be less much less pronounced than with her typical mod.


This is the best type of mop to use if you want to recreate the feeling of dragging on a cigarette because it produces a lot of vapour and it gives you that satisfaction in your lungs.  It also helps to give a good deep flavour to your juices.


Direct to lung mods

This is like the difference between smoking a cigarette and smoking a cigar. It creates far more paper than the mouth to lung mods, so even more vapour than a typical mod.


This really gives you a huge hit and some people find that it is better when they first start quitting smoking as it can make the habit of vaping feel even better than smoking. It also produces deep flavour of juice.


A mid-level mod

Mid-level Mods have much better controls than other type of mods. For example, the Asmodus Minikin 2 has a digital display that you can program and tweak to create a Sub Ohm environment.  Sub ohm vaping is the king of vaping as far as most seasoned vapers are concerned.


Just as with the other types of mod, they can help you to produce a lot more vapour. You can even combine the direct to lung mods or the mouth to lung mods with a mid-level mod too seriously ramp up the amount of vapour that you produce and the depth of flavour that it carries.


The best thing to do as someone who is looking for further information on mods, is to visit their local vape shop to discuss their needs with the staff. You will find that they will happily point you towards the right type of Mods, such as the Asmodus Minikin 2, and they will explain why one mod will be better for you than another in reference to your preferences will.


Would you like to buy a new mod? If you would, check out the collection at https://www.restrictedliquid.co.uk/asmodus-minikin-2-180w-vape-mod.html.


3 of the Best Accessories That You Can Buy for Your Vape Device

3 of the Best Accessories That You Can Buy for Your Vape Device

Are you tired of just vaping?  Do you have friends that are doing all sorts of awesome things with their vape and you just want to join in? If so, you probably lack some of the accessories needed to make the habit that little bit more fun. 


In this article, we are going to explore some of the best accessories that you can buy for your vape to make it a little bit more interesting.


Dripping atomizers

If you feel like your juice is a starting for lack flavour, perhaps they are quite nice juicy as you want them to be, then a dripping atomizer might be just the accessories that you're looking for.  These allow you to drip the juice directly onto the coil and circumvent the tank to some degree (there's still a teeny tiny tank).


This means that the juice goes directly from the liquid, to the Vapour, to your mouth. This means that none of the flavour is lost in transit, so to speak. Normally, what happens is that some of the concentrated juice disperses as the vapour moves through your vape device.


With a dripping atomizer, much less vapour is lost and so you get a much deeper taste.  As far as vape accessories UK go, a dripping atomizer will help to improve the flavours of your juice better than any other type of accessories.




A sub ohm tank and device

Are you jealous because your friends are blowing big fat clouds and you aren't? Or, do you just feel that you want to create bigger and bigger clouds for your own enjoyment? If so, you need to get into sub on vaping.


With vape, one of the things that allows you to blow bigger files is more power in your mod device. Sub ohm vape devices are the most powerful on the market. You could make your own that would be more powerful, but this can be dangerous, and it's also a bit of an effort.


Instead, investing in a sub ohm device will help to improve your vape have it and the size of your vapour clouds without you having to go too much trouble, accept learning how to use it.


A battery wrap

Battery wraps can help to improve the life of your lithium batteries and can minimise the risks of these batteries. You can buy pre-made wraps that you simply apply to your own battery. Not only will these help to improve the safety of your battery (when applied properly - so we would recommend visiting an e cig shop London and having them install it for you),  but they also look good to because you can buy them in many different patterns and colours.


There you have it. Three great accessories that you should be looking into if you vape and if you're getting a little bit bored with the same old have it day in and day out.


Are you interested in buying some new vape equipment and juices? If you are, please visit https://www.restrictedliquid.co.uk/.

4 Reasons Why Vaping Is the Best Substitute for Smoking

If you're thinking of giving up smoking, and I trying to find the replacement therapy most likely to work, then consider vaping. There is widespread scientific agreement that vaping is one of the best forms of smoking cessation treatments on the market. We are going to explore the 4 reasons why vaping can help smokers quit once and for all.


It helps to combat the physical urges involved with smoking

when it comes to being addicted to smoking, it isn't simply the nicotine that keeps us hooked, but the habits that we develop around smoking, such as picking up and lighting the cigarette, drawing the smoke back into our lungs, having something in our hands.


Vaping allows you to do all of those things in a similar manner and so the difference in the physical feelings of smoking and vaping on marginal.


It helps to combat the psychological urges involved with smoking

The need for smokers to continue smoking is partly psychological. It isn't fully explained by the nicotine addiction. Otherwise, everyone would quit using nicotine replacement therapies, such as patches and gum, but they don't.


This is because there is also a psychological Association with smoking. We feel certain things towards the habit, such as feeling calmer when we smoke, or feeling dependent upon smoking.


Again, because Vaping is so similar to smoking, it can help to replace the psychological urges for cigarettes for psychological urges for vape. This isn't the ideal solution, but it's certainly taking you away from a more dangerous habit to a less dangerous habit.


It helps to maintain the social aspects involved with smoking

If you're a smoker, then you're well aware that it has a social aspect to it. From meeting behind the sports hall in school, to standing outside the pub smoking, there is a definite sense of camaraderie developed between smokers.


Non-smokers don't quite understand this, and don't realise how much they are left in the dark by not being part of the smokers club. Whilst this might sound a little pathetic, it is true nonetheless.


As a smoker, it's very difficult to give up that social side, and sometimes people continue to smoke just because they get the pleasure of those chats and interactions that you only get in the designated smoking areas.  Go and visit any Vape shop South London and you'll see that there are people stood outside enjoying that camaraderie that goes along with Vaping.


The laws surrounding vaping are similar to those of smoking, in that you aren't allowed to vape inside pubs or it inside your workplace. Instead, you have to stand outside with the smokers and this maintains the social element of smoking without the dangers of smoking.



 It helps to combat the cultural issues surrounding smoking 

Smoking creates a club and it has its own culture. We touched on this above. People can feel losing that cultural connection to something they feel is integral to them if they give up smoking.


Vaping allows you to replace this cultural connection with something that so similar that you lose very little of the cultural feelings you had before.  It helps a person to maintain the identity related aspects of smoking and this can service a huge incentive to give up smoking and replace it with vape.


It's important that people do give up smoking because it is incredibly dangerous and it is putting a huge pressure on the NHS, as well as affecting fair quality of life.


If you are interested in taking up vaping as a replacement for smoking, please visit https://www.restrictedliquid.co.uk/.

Top Tips to Help You Improve the Taste of Your E-Juice

I've been vaping for around a decade now, so I was one of the first on the scene.  Yep, I'm a little trendsetter – nah, I hate that.  I'm just someone who knows quite a lot about vaping and knows how to make a habit more interesting and more rewarding.


When you first start vaping, you aren't always aware that you're vapour doesn't taste very nice. For example, you might have a burnt taste to it, but you assume that it's supposed to be that way. Some flavours are a little bit smoky after all, such as some of the cheap thrills e juice range. 


More often than not though, the juice isn't supposed to have that smoky taste to it and you're probably doing something wrong. To address this problem there are a few things that you can do.


  1. Change the coils: if your coils are on their way out, they will start to burn in this will affect taste of the juice. If your juice has tasted fine, but has now developed an acrid taste, then it could be the coils so try changing them.


  1. Clean the tank: if you have a cheap tank, it can leach flavours into your juice. What happens if you have a juice in your tank and you vape it, is that over time it starts to get into the tank itself. Then, when you go to change the juice to another flavour, the original flavour starts to embed itself in the new flavour and that can make the juice taste weird.


  1. Reduce the power setting: a high power setting is good for creating large vapour clouds, but if you take it too far it can end up burning the juice. If the coils are fine and you don't think the tank has leached, then  try reducing the power setting and see if that makes a difference.


Another thing that can happen with the taste of your juices is that it can taste bitter and hurt the back of your throat. Try the advice I covered above for the burning taste, but if that doesn't work then try changing the actual juice. If your vaping a high PG juice, which is anything above 30% PG, then it could be that.


Propylene glycol can create a bit of taste and it can hurt the back of your throat. Some people like this because it reminds them of smoking, but if your throat feels irritated and you just like the bitter taste then you need to go for a lower key g juice.



If you're getting bored with your flavours and they don't seem very rich, then you should try dripping. Dripping is where you drink your juice directly onto the coils and then draw the juice back through a mouthpiece.  You can buy dripping devices from many UK retailers, including the vape store London.


It cuts out much of the middle part of the vape device and this means that the vapour doesn't mix with the air so much and you don't lose vapour as it travels to your mouth.


Dripping gives you a deep flavour profile and this is why it is one of the most popular things to do once you get to an advanced stage of vaping.


I hope that you found this article useful. These are things I wish I'd known at the beginning of my vape journey.

The Most Important Things To Look For When Choosing An Online Vape Supplier

It makes a lot of sense to buy your vape juices from an online supplier. The online vape shops often have a much greater range of products than the real world vape shops do. They also tend to be much cheaper, because they have cheaper overheads and they can pass the savings on to their customers.


Nonetheless, it's important to find a good online supplier and not simply choose the first one that you encounter.  We have written this article to teach you about the various things you should be looking out for when choosing a supplier.


It's important to pay attention to these rules because they will help to keep you stay safe and ensure that you're buying products that are reliable and cost-effective.


Always choose a supplier who is based in the UK.

If you are reading this article, then we assume that you are also from the UK. Otherwise, this section of the article does not apply to you.


There are several reasons why it's important to choose a retailer based in the UK. These include:


  1. Safety issues: In the UK, legislation governs the standards of e juices and their accessories. These laws are in place to keep us safe. For example, it is illegal for retailers to sell juices that contain more than a set amount of nicotine. This helps to minimise the dangers associated with overdosing on nicotine, which can cause serious problems, especially with people with heart defects.


  1. Consumer rights: if the supplier mis-sells a product, or the product arrives and it is faulty, by shopping with a UK based shop, you will receive adequate compensation, such as the replacement of the product. If the retailer fails to do this, you can take them to court. Whilst this is also possible for foreign suppliers, it is much harder, and it will cost much more money.


For this reason, stick to UK based supplier, such as an e cig shop London.


Buy from a shop that gives detailed Information about the products you are buying.

We have noticed a trend on with online vape shops whereby they write as little information about their products as possible.  Whilst I don't think they're being intentionally vague, and there is much more to do with looking good, it is a problem because you can't always be sure what you're buying.


For example, if they're selling Shlurp e liquid, but they are producing any information about the flavour or its nicotine content or the amount of PG to VG it contains, how he supposed to know if it's the right juice for you? You won't. Moreover, this is a sign of a bad shop.


You need to be able to understand exactly what it is you are buying and the more in-depth the shop goes with their description the better it is for you. It might not look as nice if there isn't that much white space, but you shouldn't be choosing a shop based on what it looks like. You should be using it based on how well it serves you.